Wait, How Much Is It?

Wait, How Much Is It?

Weddings are expensive.  This is especially true if you are planning to hold your event on Long Island or New York City.  I have found that frequently, couples wait until the very end of their planning process to consider their ceremony and cocktail hour music.  After months of preparation and watching those dollar signs add up, it is often a shock to hear the price of a live band or even a string quartet for that matter. 

I am here to set the record straight.  Here are some key considerations to think about when hiring a live music group:

  1. Are they professionals? - Did they attend a music school and perform professionally?  Do they communicate in a mature, professional manner? Do they take what they do seriously?
  2. Do they care about you and your event? -  Are they listening to you? Are they in touch with what you are envisioning for your big day and can they provide that?  Are they just one-dimensional or can they perform a variety of music?
  3. What are other people saying? - Do they have good reviews or testimonials?  Are they a preferred vendor or have they come highly recommended by a friend or colleague? 
They are passionate, kind, and so easy to work with. If you want amazing music, a responsive and flexible company, at a great price...hire Luminous Sounds!
— Annie L.

If, when considering a group(s) you said yes to all of these questions, then chances are that you are going to have a positive experience.  If not, it may be worthwhile to continue your search.

Now for the financial aspect: Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Musicians, such as Luminous Sounds, Inc. typically only account for 2-3% of the overall wedding budget.  Bands for a reception will certainly cost more, but keep in mind they are typically larger in size and will also be performing for 3-4 hours, almost non-stop during your reception. 

Facts to remember:
You are not just paying for someone to perform some music.

You are paying for the following:

  •  Someone to play some music
  •  Equipment and instruments
  •  Hours or rehearsal time prior to your event
  • Transportation to and from the venue
  • The amount of money spent on professional degrees, training and lessons to allow the group to sound as awesome as they do.
  • Marketing costs.
  • Insurance

Live music is a beautiful addition to any wedding ceremony or cocktail hour and can certainly provide a type of class and elegance that a DJ simply cannot.  My encouragement to you is that professional musicians are worth their weight in gold.  In an industry that revolves around positive word of mouth and reviews, a professional musician would not want to risk their reputation by providing less than what was expected.  In short, a great live music group is worth the financial investment and you and your guests will be so happy that you did it. 

Luminous Sounds were amazing, my guests raved about them! They helped make our ceremony that much more wonderful with their beautiful music
— Lucretia M.

Click above to hear "Bad Blood" by Bastille performed by the Illuminate String Quartet - Luminous Sounds, Inc.