5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Live, Professional Musicians for Your Wedding Ceremony & Cocktail Hour

I (Kim) have had the privilege to speak to many newly engaged couples over the past month.  Luminous Sounds, Inc. exhibited at the NY/NJ Wedding Expo and Bridal Show on January 9 & 10 and the de Seversky Mansion Winter Wedding Extravaganza on January 14.  While attending these shows I had many, conversations related to selecting the proper ceremony and cocktail hour music aligned for what each couple was envisioning for their big day. 

When people comment on stellar weddings that they have previously attended, they usually say the same things. They comment about the venue, the food and the music.  Interestingly, I spoke to many couples that wanted to skimp on their music or feel that they have it covered simply with their DJ.  I wanted to share why hiring professional, live musicians should be a part of everyone’s wedding budget. 

Luminous Sounds, Inc. performing Bach's "Gigue" from Suite #3 in D Major at the 2016 NY/NJ Wedding Expo and Bridal Show. 

Five Reasons Why You Want to Hire Live, Professional Musicians for your Wedding:

1.     Affordability
With an average Long Island Wedding costing near $50,000.00, the price to hire a professional, string quartet for your ceremony and cocktail hour will only cost you 2.9% (or less) of your overall budget.  This includes music for prelude (as your guests are arriving), the entire ceremony and your 60-minute cocktail hour. 

2.     Customization
By working with a professional group such as Luminous Sounds, Inc., clients work with us to create the soundtrack for their perfect day.  When you book us, you don’t just get four professional string musicians for your wedding date, you also get unlimited conversations via e-mail or phone to discuss the perfect music for each part of your ceremony.  We also can have any popular song arranged for your special day.  So if there is something you don’t see on our list already, we can have it written especially for your big day. 

3.     Flawless Performance
You can be sure that our performance will be top-notch as you are paying for trained, degreed musicians.  A wedding ceremony consists of many transitions.  From prelude music to the start of the ceremony with the procession of your bridal party, to the brides big entrance, each of those moments require different pieces of music and we transition flawlessly so that your overall ceremony flows.  In addition, we always arrive with extra music, just in case something is delayed. 

4.     No Technical Difficulties
As opposed to an i-Pad, Laptop, or DJ, professional string musicians take care of everything on our own.  We simply require four armless chairs and we are ready to go.  We do not require electric, we will not skip or give you feedback and we will be there early and will begin right on time. 

5.     Overall Esthetic
Live, string musicians provide a certain touch of class to any wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.  Live music will evoke the emotions of your guests in a way that recorded music cannot. We act as another group of people on your team, working to achieve the overall look and feel that you want for your wedding day.  As professionals, we take our craft seriously and want that to shine through in each event that we perform. 

In conclusion, let the professionals take care of your musical needs. After all, would you let a student make your dress or your best friend make your cake?  Don’t let amateurs provide music for your ceremony.  If you are interested in learning what Luminous Sounds, Inc. can provide for your ceremony and/or cocktail hour, feel free to reach out via e-mail (Luminoussoundsinc@gmail.com) or by filling out the contact form on our website. 

Luminous Sounds, Inc. exhibiting at the de Seversky Mansion Winter Wedding Extravaganza

Luminous Sounds, Inc. exhibiting at the de Seversky Mansion Winter Wedding Extravaganza

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