Leave The DJ For The Reception

You spend months preparing for your wedding day. You scout out venues, taste test your food, try on countless dresses and scour the internet for pinterest worthy tablescapes. With all of the decisions you need to make for your big day, music seems like a no-brainer; hire a DJ and let him take care of the rest.  While that may seem like a fantastic way to save yourself a bit of time, it is likely to leave you with some big regrets.

Over the years, I’ve talked to countless brides and their families who’ve trusted the selection of their ceremony and cocktail hour music, to their DJ. On almost every account, they were sorely disappointed in the quality of music and professionalism of the musicians. They complained of groups who showed up late, dressed inappropriately, were unprepared and who played horribly. Imagine stepping out of the limo, expecting a beautifully arranged classy ensemble to serenade you and your guests, only to find an unprepared group, fumbling through their sheet music, barely set up. Unfortunately, this is the case, more often than not. And, while this seems like a shock to many brides and their families, it isn’t to me. As a classically trained musician, I know what it takes to put together the kind of ensemble that will make your wedding day’s soundtrack a picture of elegance and beauty. Your DJ doesn’t. Your DJ isn’t a classically trained musician. Your DJ doesn’t employ classically trained musicians. Your DJ plays already made tracks at your reception. And, when you ask your DJ to find you musicians for the rest of your day, your DJ runs around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to contract a group that will do But, you want more than just a group that will “do”!

Letting your DJ do the work of finding a wedding day ensemble may sounds like a great idea at first glance, but in the long run, it’s not your best option. Instead, take the extra time to search out true professionals. Musicians who ARE classically trained, will be well rehearsed prior to your big day. They will look the part, discrete in appearance while rich in sound. They will work with you to choose the perfect music for your cocktail hour and ceremony, and work with your team to plan the ideal timing for each piece they play. Hiring a group that specializes in wedding day music is as important as hiring an event planner who specializes in weddings. While there’s little a bride can do to relieve the stress leading up to her big day, hiring the right professionals is the key to planning the day she’s always dreamed of.

When considering the music for your big day, take this one bit of advice, and save yourself a world of troubles: Leave the DJ for the reception, and hire professional musicians for the rest.

Click above to see our recommended vendor listing.

Click above to see our recommended vendor listing.