The Most Popular Music For Wedding Ceremonies...Contemporary/Pop/Rock/Alternative Edition

As Luminous Sounds has well over 150 contemporary hits to select from and we customize each ceremony to our client’s needs/requests, it is impossible to tell you the “best songs” to use.  The selections listed above simply represent the most frequently requested songs for each moment of the wedding ceremony.  If you are planning a wedding in the New York, NY or Long Island areas, please feel free to reach out to us.  I would be happy to customize a music plan for your big celebration. 

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Two New Members Join Luminous Sounds, Inc.

While great customer service, individualized attention and professional performances will always be at the core of the Luminous Sounds mission; we have always strived to provide unique, memorable experiences for our guests.  In keeping with this idea, we have decided to expand our ensemble offerings to include two new additional performers. 

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Kimberly Musial Comments