Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you travel?
A: Yes, we are happy to accommodate your needs and will travel all over Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the lower Hudson Valley.  Beyond those areas, a travel fee may be required.  In the Contact section, please let us know where your event is being held and we will let you know if our availability allows us to travel to your destination, on your selected date and we will give you a price quote.

Q: How do the musicians dress?
A: Unless instructed differently, all performers will arrive in formal, all-black attire.

Q: Are your rates negotiable?
A: Please keep in mind that we are professional musicians and deserve to be compensated as such.  Just as your cake baker, makeup artist and Officiant all have their own price, we also have  our own price per musician per hour.  Due to this, our rates are not negotiable.

Q: I don't see the song I am looking for on your list, can you play it anyway?
A: If you have booked the Illuminate String Quartet, than we would be happy to have a song(s) arranged for     your special day, if given adequate time.  Arrangements will cost an additional $75.00 per song.

Q: What does arranging a piece entail?  
A: To arrange a piece well, adequate time must be spent ensuring that the piece sounds as close to the original radio version of the song that you are looking for.  Sometimes this can take hours, sometimes this can take days.  Our arranger is excellent but does require at least one month to process your request. Once we receive the piece, we will have to read it as an ensemble before we are ready to play it at your event.

Q: What type of events have you played?
A: We are most popular for our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour services.  We also are available to perform for corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries, and studio recording sessions.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes Luminous Sounds is insured and can provide proof of insurance to your venue if needed. 

Q: I read in your contract that you will need to perform under a tent or canopy when performing outside, why is this?
A: If you are getting married on a beach, or at a venue that doesn't provide any covering for your musicians, a canopy or tent must be provided.  This does not have to be fancy and you can just get a portable canopy online or, alternatively you may rent one.  Our instruments are extremely delicate and cost more than most people probably realize.  High quality string instruments are handmade and are glued together, so being in direct sunlight can cause major damage and will require expensive repairs.  Our instruments cannot get wet as it will ruin the finish on them.  We cannot be out when it is too cold (under 60 degrees) and dry as the instruments tend to crack and the seams tend to open when the instrument is in the cold for a long period of time.  Please be sensitive to our instruments, we are not trying to be difficult, we are simply trying to preserve our livelihood.

Q: I love your sound and when I heard you I was brought to tears, however, your prices are higher than other groups that I have researched.  Why? 
A: There are several reasons for this: 1. It is important to know that most free-lancing musicians will just show up at your event not knowing what pieces are going to be performed, having never rehearsed together and possibly do not even know one another.  A wedding is such a special event, it deserves perfection in all areas, but musical perfection brings a "nice wedding" to an amazing and memorable one. Music is certainly attached to the emotions, and on such a special, emotional day, your musicians should be well-prepared and flawless in their performance. Prior to each wedding, the Illuminate String Quartet meets to rehearse all of the repertoire and to run the "set-list" for the ceremony and (if applicable), cocktail hour. 2. All of Luminous Sounds Inc. musicians are conservatory-trained, professional musicians.  We have all studied at the best music schools and are truly passionate about performing.  3. When booking the Illuminate String Quartet, it is important to note that playing contemporary music requires much more rehearsal time than traditional, classical music.  The rhythms are more intricate, the styles are very different and we spend substantial time to ensure that we are playing the music in a way that your guests will appreciate and recognize the music that we are providing.